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My books are based on knowledge from heart consciousness. Read about the Merkaba, how to create anything you want, and explore your unconscious memories from Lemuria and Atlantis.
// Susanne Jönsson

Susanne Jonsson Stay Heart Centered-and live from your heart

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The books I have written, and our work are based on ancient knowledge in combination with the present knowledge we have on Earth today.
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Lemuria and Atlantis by Susanne Jönsson

Lemuria and Atlantis
– an amazing journey in time

The story of Lemuria and Atlantis is something out of the ordinary, and there is no denying that this is both an intriguing and exciting tale.

What is the history of these ancient civilizations from a spiritual perspective? Why did they vanish and how do they affect our living today?

Is there anything we ought to learn from them and perhaps use to form our future on Earth? Do you have any connections to Lemuria or Atlantis that still affect your life today?

By reading this book and doing the guided exercises, you will get an insight into what happened with these myth covered civilizations and an opportunity to explore for yourself if you have your own subconscious memories from these eras.

If you are looking to experience something different and unique, deepen your knowledge and perhaps reach a new level in your spiritual development, then this book is for you.

Activate your Merkaba
– and reach a Higher Consciousness

Activating your Merkaba is the most important step you can take to be able to reach a higher consciousness. This knowledge is based on ancient knowledge, adapted to our times.

I have found practical techniques to achieve a Higher Consciousness and I understand how important it is to teach these techniques to as many as possible.

Five steps to be Rich

This book will not teach you how to succeed on the stock market and it doesn’t show you how to make a quick buck.
This book teaches you how to create and work with your energy flow and how to utilize it, instead of working against it.


The Heart Meditation and the shortcut into your heart. They both help you to live from your heart, increase self-love and self-esteem, and they help you handle stress and feel better, even on stormy days.

The HEart meditation

The Heart Meditation is a great daily meditation. It will help you live from your heart – in everyday life. It also helps you with your personal growth and your emotional well-being.

a shortcut

Sometimes it’s better with a shortcut that will take you into your heart in just a few minutes.