Three Daily Steps for well-being and increase consciousness

Practical tips, crafted to help you live from the heart, enhance your well-being, and unlock your inner wisdom.

Step 1: The Heart Meditation

In your heart there are two very special rooms. When you learn how to access them, you will be able to stay heart-centered, even on days when life is a challenge.

In order to enter these rooms, you need to do a special heart meditation where you begin by connecting your heart to the Earth and the Sun. This is the key to unlocking them, and without this key you simply cannot enter these rooms.

You need to repeat this every 24 hours to continue have access to the rooms in your heart.

If you do the Heart Meditation in 5 minutes or in 20 minutes doesn’t matter, both will give you access to the rooms inside your heart.

Step 2: Your affirmation

Repeat your affirmation every day. Always do it three times in the morning and three times in the evening, and, of course – whenever needed!

I love myself!
I respect and trust myself!

You have the time to do this! It will take maybe 25 seconds to repeat your affirmation, but the effect of it is priceless.  

Step 3: The Love Meditation

The Love Meditation – increases consciousness, for yourself and for the Earth.

Repeat the Love Meditation over and over again, until you feel your love vibrating, all around the Earth:

I am Love.
Everyone and Everything is Love.
We are One.
We are Love.

When you are in your heart and repeating the words of the Love Meditation, then you are spreading love globally, via your vortex field.

BONUS! Your 3 second shortcut

When needed:
Use this 3 second shortcut to return to your heart.

The Heart Meditation unlocks the passage to the sacred rooms in your heart, this is more or less all you need to know to stay heart centered.

This passage is only open for 24 hours, after that, you have to do the Heart Meditation again.

If you, sometime during the day, start feeling stressed, frustrated, or worried – you are no longer in your heart.

Your mind has moved up to your ego. This is easy to fix!

The 3 second shortcut:
In your mind, create the tone to the Room under the Stars, it is the sound of Ohm in a high note.

Let the tone carry you straight down into the Room under the Stars, feel/experience solid ground under your feet, and see the starry night sky above you.

Sit down in your place for sitting and take a deep breath, you are back in your heart.

When you think of what caused the stress or frustration from your heart, it’s easier to let it go.

Use your affirmation when needed.

Explanations and more tips

Stress management

The first step to handle stress is realizing that the only one who can set your boundaries is YOU!

The next step is to learn how to say No when needed.

When you have learned how to say “No” and how to set self loving boundaries in your life, there will be more space to do what you really love.

You have to learn how to say NO!
In your private life, your social life, and at work…

You have to STOP and pause before you answer when someone wants your help or your time.

Stop and think:
– Do I want to? – Can I do it? – Do I have the energy?

Sometimes you want to, but… You can’t – you don’t have the time for it.

Sometimes you want to and you can, but… You don’t have the energy for it.

You have to learn how to say NO – for your own sake.

If you think this is hard, it means you need to work with your affirmation, with the love for yourself.

You can’t help anyone at all if you break down.

First, you need to take care of yourself
– then you can take care of the rest …

Break old patterns

You need to know how to break old patterns if you want to change anything in your life.

What is the “old pattern” that you repeat time after time?

We often do things without thinking or being aware of them. We repeat the same pattern because that’s something we are used to do, or because it makes us feel secure.

Even if we don’t like the pattern we repeat, we do it unconsciously and are probably not even aware of them.

This is why you need to know what’s behind your feelings and reactions – this information helps you to break the old patterns you repeat, even if they no longer serve you.

Is it in relationships that you repeat patterns? – In a behavior? – Or in a way you respond to something?

Become aware of your “old patterns” and learn how to recognize them – write them down and start to break them.

Let go of your worries

It’s time to release and let go of your worries – once and for all!

It’s time to stop giving them more of your energy, you can use your energy for better things.

How to rid yourself of worry, anxiety, frustration, and irritation:

• Be aware of your thoughts and realize that you are worrying, feeling anxious, frustrated, or irritated.

• Imagine that you have a big, red mental handbrake that controls your thoughts.

Pull the handbrake and say STOP! Remember that you aren’t in your heart when you feel like this!

Use your 3 second shortcut to fix it!
(Create the sound that carries you to the Room under the Stars in your heart. Use the sound and move your mind directly into your heart.)

• Ask yourself: At this moment, is there anything I can do about it?  

• If YES – fix it and then release it

• If NO – release it immediately

Distract your brain with the help of your affirmation

• Repeat the affirmation over and over again, until the worry, anxiety, frustration, or annoyance is gone

I love Myself!
I respect and trust myself!

Creativity is the key!

For most people, creativity is a key to finding harmony and peace within.

Creativity can often be a tool that aids us in letting out emotions, memories or other things that happened, which you might otherwise have a hard time getting rid of.

It does not matter what you do with your creativity – we are all different and enjoy doing different things. What matters is that you do something creative, without demanding from yourself that it should be perfect. Unpretentious creativity is what we are talking about here.

Sometimes there is a need to create, but you don’t know what you want to do. This is a short list that can help you get started with your creative process.

Remember that an important basic rule of any true creative work, is that it is about the process – not the outcome.

By that I mean that you shouldn’t be afraid to “make mistakes” or to “fail”. In a creative process, you cannot do wrong. It might just be a different way than you expected, and that is always interesting.

A list of creative processes – choose from your heart and make it FUN!

Writing, it does not matter what you write – write for your own sake and what you need to get out of your system right now.

Painting, no matter the outcome! An important step in all painting and creating is to paint over an image you don’t like – and then do something different with it.

If you have painted a picture you needed to make, just to get it out of your system, maybe it wasn’t particularly beautiful, and you don’t want to keep it? Great! Paint it over and experience the healing of painting over and redoing. There is a deep level of healing that can be experienced, just because you allow yourself to redo something you want to transform.

Dancing, let your body create the movements it wants to do, just follow along and enjoy!

Baking or cooking, are you one of those who enjoy cooking? Good! Use cooking as your creative process, dare to loosen up and experiment a little more. You will be both surprised and pleased when you feel the taste that comes from a creative process based on joy.

Needlework or crafts, would you love to create with your hands? Lovely! Take time and space for your projects, make them so you can watch and enjoy them.

Walk your talk

Many people experience an imbalance in their lives. This imbalance can come from splitting up your life, even on an emotional level.

The compartmentalizing of our lives is something we often find ourselves having to do. We split it into work/free time, social/private life, home/away and so on, and usually we do not feel bad because of this.

The problem comes if we divide our actions and our feelings in the same way.

Many people want and choose to live from the heart; they have realized that it is from our heart we find balance, peace, and harmony. Most people can handle it easily and well in the areas in which they are comfortable and secure. The difficulty lies in finding this balance in more challenging situations.

Do you want to know how you can:

·      Increase self-confidence?

·      Experience your inner strength and balance?

·      Improve quality of life?

Once you’ve learned to live from your heart, you’ll know on many levels this is the way you want to live, and that’s when you start feeling better on all levels.

Living from the heart does not mean you should stop taking responsibility for your life; it has never been about just letting go and letting everything happen as it happens.

Living from the heart is to live your life with full awareness and with full responsibility for everything that you do.

Living from the heart doesn’t mean that you should stop using your brain, you actually become more intelligent when your decisions are made in your heart and then executed with your brain. The general idea is that all parts of you need to work together.

Most people can live from their hearts; whether they are at work, in the grocery store, at school, or at a big family dinner. You don´t have to shut down parts of you, even when your mind isn’t in a perfect peaceful place.

Of course, there are exceptions to this. People who have tough jobs, working with vulnerable people for example, might need to separate their emotions to manage the job – but this must be an exception!

If your work makes you feel bad, perhaps you should change it so you can feel better.

Why is self-love important?

Do you know why your self-love is important? Your love for yourself is the foundation for your inner balance and well-being. It’s about self-esteem and self-confidence and it helps you to handle stress and much more.

Pretty much every one of us needs to work with self-love more or less every day.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following statements?

I’m not good enough
– with love for yourself, you know for certain that you always do your best. Nobody can expect more of you.

I don’t have time to do what I want
– with love for yourself, you will change your priorities. Honestly, time is the only thing we have – the rest is a matter of priority.

I don’t like myself
– with love for yourself, you will learn to accept that you do love yourself, without feeling guilty.

These are just a few examples – the love for yourself makes up the foundation of your entire life.

Why should I always use the same affirmation?

How you work with an affirmation will affect the result you get. When you use an affirmation with too many words or in the wrong vibration, you will not get the result you expect.

The exact wording is important and you want to use an affirmation that is effective and short. Best is to choose words that have the special vibration which your heart is connected to, and the most effective affirmation you can use is:

I love myself!
I respect and trust myself!

Don’t change the words or add any – this is an effective affirmation that will help you build a solid ground of love – within yourself.

Always repeat the affirmation three times in the morning and three times in the evening and whenever needed.

“When needed” is every time you say something bad about yourself, or when feel you don’t like yourself.

Love or Ego?

When talking about Love for Yourself, I am not referring to your ego.

If you were to say “I love myself because I’m better than everyone else”, well, that’s your ego talking.

But when you say “I love myself” from your heart, you honestly wish that everyone would love themselves because you know that life gets better when you have love for yourself.

Your ego would rather let you believe that others are more valuable than you are. It wishes to put limitations on you by making you believe that the love you feel for yourself is shameful, and that you are not worthy of the things you need.

Your ego wants you to think that your well-being depends on other peoples’ views of you, hence disregarding your own views.

When you depend too much on other peoples’ views, you are placing your natural power outside of yourself, adapting to other peoples’ thoughts and opinions.

You will be left with no charge of your own life, as you are under the illusion that “other people rule”. Our opinion of ourselves is transmitted unconsciously to others and they treat us accordingly.

When you start questioning why you do this, you realize that it is impossible to be guided by what everyone else thinks. “Others” are of course a lot of people, and no individual can possibly satisfy “everyone”!

Once you understand this, you will realize that you have to be content with what you do – with all your Heart. You will start feeling good about yourself.

When you say to yourself;
I love myself and I truly wish that everyone could feel the same about her-/himself”, it is your Heart speaking.

And in your Heart, you know that you deserve EVERYTHING that you wish, just like EVERYONE else.

Daily checklist to stay heart centered in everyday life

· Do your Heart Meditation, in 20 minutes or in three minutes – it doesn’t matter, both paths lead you into your heart. This is the key to enter into your heart and you have to do this every day, it lasts for 24 hours.

· Work within your heart when needed, do this as soon as you experience obstacles, fears, or worries in your daily life.

· Increase your self-love – this is the foundation to your well-being.
Repeat your affirmation: “I love myself! I respect and trust myself!”

· Learn how to say “No” when needed.

· If you are an energy sensitive person (ESP), use your Bubble (a part of your light body) if it has been activated, to protect you. This will turn your energy sensitivity into your best gift.

· Write a list of “reminders” to yourself with 10 things that YOU feel good about doing. It should be quick and simple things that can help you break a pattern or behavior you want to leave behind.

·  Take three deep Breathes – that´s a real quick fix!

·  Notice how negative comments glide PAST you instead of right into you, when you are heart centered.

·  Think: “Out of Love and respect I must let other people be exactly as they are.”

·  Remind yourself that other people’s reactions are not always about you. Maybe that person had a really bad day before you came into the picture?

· Breathe sunshine, it will give you an instant energy boost and balances the frequency in your body. (Imagine that you are breathing in warm, golden sunshine that fills your whole body, breathe out all of your stress. Do this in three deep breaths each time.)

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